Danger Zone

This talked evolved over a few years to capture some environmental impacts and their consequences. I show quite a lot of evidence and the message could be a bit grim. So I work hard to present data with movies, concepts with animations and make space for a bit of (perhaps dark) humour. Ultimately I have to entertain people while informing them. In the past, the science and environmental community has sometimes turned people away with a seemingly relentlessly negative message. 

The Earth's climate has always changed. All species eventually become extinct. But humans have, in the context of geological timescales, produced near instantaneous planetary-scale disruption. We are sowing the seeds of havoc on the Earth, and the time is fast approaching when we may reap this harvest. Things are clearly not good, but there is no reason to despair. In this talk I will give an overview of population trends, climate change, biodiversity loss, food and energy security and explain how they are interacting in ways that produce a set of global challenges. I will present some solutions to these challenges. Solutions you may or may not agree with!