My teaching is driven by my research on sustainability issues. Universities have a responsibility to inform students about some of the environmental change challenges they face, and provide them with the tools that will help address them. In 2015 I received a Vice Chancellor’s award for excellence in teaching in recognition of my work on the Global Challenges module. 

Global Challenges (code: UOSM2010). I am the developer and convenor of this undegraduate module. It is open to undergradutes from any program and any year, so a very diverse bunch of students! We look at climate change, population change, food & energy security, biodiversity (loss) and global governance as components in a complex system.

MSc Sustainability. From 2014-17 I was the developer and leader of a master’s program in sustainability science. This is taught across three departments (Southampton Business School, Engineering & Environment, Geography & Environment) with strong connections with organisations such as the United Nations (UNESCO, FAO) and an emphasis on cultivating independent researchers.

Introduction to Sustainability (code: GEOG6098). I am the convenor of this core module for the MSc Sustainability. We explore the history of sustainable developemnt and contemporary concepts such as planetary boundaries and critical transitions in social ecological systems. 

Data Collection & Research Methods for Sustainability (code: GEOG6097). I am the convenor of this core module for the MSc Sustainability.