Spaceship Earth

I developed this talk for the 2013 Science & Engineering Festival at the University of Southampton and have performed it many times since. The aim of the talk is to introduce the carbon cycle and how humans are affecting in it. I do that by going into space and thinking about humans can survive in extreme environments. 

The talk is interactive, so given audience size and time available, I ask questions and have audience members participate in some simple experiments: can you hold your breath for 45 seconds?; a “breathing” candle in a jar; stomp rocket launch; try on SCUBA equipment. The emphasis is on engagement and fun.

We can’t all be like Tim Peake and spend six months aboard the International Space Station. But in a way we are all astronauts because we fly though space at thousands of miles an hour on the surface of a planetary spaceship. We may not be able to steer this spaceship (which is just as well because we don't want to crash into the Sun!) but we are able to change some important properties that we and all life on Earth depends on. Find out how by coming to this talk that will feature rocket videos, experiments, and the opportunity to try on SCUBA diving kit. This will be of interest to not just GCSE science students, but anyone curious about how our home planet works and how we affect it.