I have featured in television and radio broadcasts, and web-based media. Details listed below: 

I am working on a UK climate change documentary The Race is On with Global Documentary. 

BBC 5 Live & BBC Radio Cambridge, 26th February 2017. I was interviewed by the Naked Scientists radio show team about climate change. Available online here 

I featured in a That’s Solent TV item on ecosystem canaries. Available online here.

BBC 5 Live & BBC Radio Cambridge, 6th May 2016. I was interviewed by the Naked Scientists radio show team about "peak phosphorus". Available online here

Iliad Media Development, 10th December 2015. I was featured in a short film about education innovation. Available online here

The Environmental Litmus Test, 27th October 2015. I was featured in this short documentary about climate change and the then forthcoming United Nations climate meeting in Paris - COP21. Available online here

BrightClub Southampton, 10th August 2015. I was the first science standup comedy act for the first BrightClub in Southampton. Please be advised that this was performed to an audience at night in a bar and so includes some “bad language and adult themes”, but it’s not too rude! Available online here

Reddit Science AMA (Ask Me Anything), 5th February 2015. The Reddit science community ran an online question and answer session about my article “Is humanity in the existential danger zone?”. Available online here

TEDxMiltonKeynes, 8th May 2014. A TED style talk in which I make the case for why we need to care about future generations. Available online here

CS4 Interviews, 2011-2014. For three years I ran the Complex Systems Simulation Seminar Series (CS4). Before the seminar I would interview the speaker. Here I am chatting with Dr Helen Czerski.

Interdisciplinary Research Week, 22nd February 2012. I gave the closing public lecture during which I outlined some of the major environmental challenges we will face by the middle of this century. Available online here

BBC2, 1st October 2006, BBC - Discovery Channel - Open University. Battle of the Geeks science adventure show presented by Richard Hammond. I was one of six “geeks” tasked with transporting an egg across the largest canyon in the southern hemisphere. Available online here.