I write science and environment articles. I am a contributor to The Guardian, The Ecologist and The Conversation. My work has been republished online at The Washington Post,  The Wire, Business Insider, Newsweek, The Week, iO9, IFLScience, Live Science and and many other sites. My most recent pieces I have hosted here, older articles link directly to the original publication. 

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What’s really at stake with Trump’s war on science? 25th April 2017.

Scientists are planning a march on science. Here’s why. 27th January 2017.

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Five reasons why cutting NASA’s climate research would be a colossal mistake. 24th November 2016.

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By failing to rein in climate change, our children's rights are being disregarded. 4th October 2016.

Western elitism has given rise to a dangerous assumption about developing nations and climate change. 23rd September 2016.

Study identifies key species which act as warning signs of ecosystem collapse. 19th August 2016. 

'Pristine' landscapes haven't existed for thousands of years, says new study. 6th June 2016.

Winter may be coming to Westeros, but our next Ice Age is on hold. 4th May 2016.

Why Limits to Growth Forecasts are still relevant today. 19th April 2016.

Can game theory help solve the problem of climate change? 13th April 2016.

Great Barrier Reef disaster is the latest harbinger of mass extinction. 7th April 2016 14th March 2016.

Universities’ love affair with fossil fuels must end. 15th March 2016.

Meltdown Earth, the shocking reality of climate change kicks in – but who is listening? 14th March.

We have 12 months until the next ‘hottest year’ memo - will we be ready? 21st January 2015.

What next after Paris? Time to listen to those most affected from climate change? 18th Decebmer 2015.

Don’t wait for global politics - we can fix climate change ourselves. 30th November 2015.

Three trillion trees live on Earth, but there would be twice as many without humans. 2nd September.

Can the Earth feed 11 billion people? Four reasons to fear a Malthusian future. 12th April 2015.

Earth’s sixth mass extinction event has begun, new study confirms. 19th June 2015. 

‘Global Apollo’ program for renewables cannot take off without political power. 3rd June 2015

One in six species faces extinction as a result of climate change. 30th 2015.

We can avoid mass extinction but time is running out. 8th April 2015.

El Nino could mean 2015 is even hotter than last year’s scorcher. 21st January 2015.

Humanity is in the existential danger zone, study confirms. 15th January 2015.

Get into the festive spirit by not eating turkey this Christmas. 18th December 2014.

Beware the zombie hordes of Black Friday. 28th November 2014.

Russel Brand’s political activism is a recipe for environmental disaster. 13th November 2014.

If he were alive today Alfred Nobel woudl have wanted an environment prize. 7th October 2014.

Not even wrong: why it matters when science is misunderstood. 23rd September 2014.

Sustainable development must be doughnut shaped. 19th September 2014.

Understanding transitions may be critical to our survival. 22nd July 2014.

Batttle for Heart’s and minds on climate change will be fought across generations. 1st July 2014.

The Greenpeace executives commute is a flight of fantasy. 24th June 2014.

The devil is in the detail of efforts to log Tasmania’s forest. 18th June 2014.

When climate change comes, you won’t be able to vote it out. 23rd May 2014.

Peak phosphorus will be a shortage we can’t stomach. 1st April 2014.

Dredging and drilling are both recipes for disaster. 12th Feburary 2014.

Reef madness: the Abbot Point decision makes no sense. 31st January 2014.

For future generations, it’s heads we win, tails they lose. 15th January 2014. 

Death, the universe and everything. 18th Decebmer 2013.

We chose the Earth, not because it is easy, but because it is hard. 27th November 2013.

Wasps deserve to be loved. 26th September 2013.

Even if Earth changes, life will continue with or without us. 17th June 2013.